The following tools have been developped by the Multisoft company.

SAP R/3 ABAP XML Up- and Download Tool

Beta Version

Ulrich Streit, state of play: 23.02.08

The program offers a SAP R/3 ABAP Objects down- and upload of programs, function groups, screens, classes, interfaces, type groups, domains, data elements, tables, views, appends, includes, table types and search helps. So the program is a helpful tool for ABAP developers.

The program downloads the data to XML-files on your frontend. Source can be stored in (.txt) Ascii-files additionally.

The tool offers a source scan and crossreference, which automatically searches for all dependencies. For example it will find all tables, views, data elements, domains, function groups, classes, interfaces,..., of a program you want to download. Or it will find all data elements and domains of a table.

The tool can insert the found objects in a new transport order(TMS) or in an already existing transport order(TMS).

The upload is done to package $TMP.

The program was developed on SAP Web AS 6.2

The tool only consists out of source code and is object oriented structured with local classes. The complete source code of the tool is in a single file.

Legal information
The usage of the program is at your own risk. We accept no liability for damages caused by using the tool. This mainly concerns the upload into the package $TMP.

There are restrictions, because the program was developed on SAP Web AS 6.2, so it does not work for all workbench versions. On newer ABAP Workbench releases only the download of classes and interfaces does work, the upload of classes and interfaces does not work. The program uses SAP standard classes for XML, and so on, which are not part of older ABAP Workbench releases.

The program is a result of a cooperation with Logos! Informatik GmbH.

manual (german) (pdf) Manual of the SAP R/3 down- and upload program.


SAP Registry

Work in progress.